The Health Tech Awards 2022 are back for the sixth year!

The awards help to share and celebrate digital teams, programmes, innovations and health tech suppliers that have made a difference through the year. 

The awards provide a platform to share these innovations and solutions to help shape future services and systems across health and care.

On this webpage you will find details of the key dates, categories and entry form to enter your work! 

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Entry deadline: 23 June 2022 – midnight  [fixed]

Finalists announced: 22 September 2022

Digital awards evening: 13 October 2022


For the Health Tech Awards 2022 we are joined by a fantastic group of judges from across health and care; from a range of backgrounds, professions, healthcare settings. 

To view our judges, please click here. 

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Best Health Tech Solution of the Year

In this category we want to hear about the solution, the problem it solves, and how it benefits stakeholders. 

Best Use of Digital in Primary Care

Has your practice, PCN, CCG or Federation adopted tech in the past 12 months? Tell us about the project in this category and what you have achieved. 

Major Project Go Live

Have you delivered a major project that’s gone live in the past 12 months? We want to hear about the project here, what you did, what it means for stakeholders and what you achieved.

Most Promising Pilot

If your technology or project is at pilot stage, we want to hear about what you aim to achieve, what problem you are aiming to address and what has been the progress to date. 

Best Use of AI and Automation Tools

Is your organisation or solution using AI? We want to hear about your work in this category and how AI is being used and what it means.

Best Use of Data

How are you utilising data and information to make improved decisions and processes? We want to hear about your projects, where the use of data is driving insight and positive change.

Digitising Patient Services

If you have worked on a programme to digitise patient services, tell us about your work here – what you did, delivered and achieved. 

Excellence in Project Management

This category focuses on digital delivery – how has your team project managed and implemented tech. 

Best Solution Improvement

In this category we want to hear how a solution has been improved or if a new module has been introduced to a solution. What improvements have been made.

Digital Pathway and Workflow Optimisation

In this category, tell us about your work to redesign pathways by adopting digital tools.

Best Solution for Clinicians

If your tech or project is supporting clinicians, tell us about your work here. 

Efficiency Savings of the Year

In this category we want to hear about the efficiencies generated for your organisation and healthcare professionals. The judges will be looking for evidence-based examples.

Best Digital Solution Supporting Waiting List Management

If you have delivered a solution to support waiting list management, tell us how here.

Partnership of the Year

Is your partnership delivering great results? In this category we want to hear about your partnership and what it means to health and care.

New Innovation of the Year

Have you introduced a new innovation or approach? Tell us about your work in this category. 

Excellence in Engagement and Communications

Have you delivered an excellent engagement or communications programme to effectively drive change? Tell us about your work in this category. 

Digital Mental Health Solution of the Year

If you have delivered a mental health solution this year, let us know about your work in this category. 

Overall Winner

Every entry into the awards will enter into this category and the feedback from the judges will determine the overall winner of the Health Tech Awards 2022.



  • Each entry will feature on the HTN website (summary from HTN journalists)
  • Each category will have an article feature by the HTN journalist team
  • Winning entries will receive a trophy and logo to use as part of marketing activities 
  • Finalists will receive a certificate and logo to use
  • Entries will be showcased on a HTN Awards microsite 


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