The HTN Awards 2020, sponsored by CCube Solutions, celebrate great technology, partnerships, teams and innovations making a difference across health and care.

Category: Most Promising Pilot


Lincolnshire STP

Shared Personalised Discharge Care Planning

Transition from outdated paper process to one powered by Lincolnshire’s Care Portal, providing one digital solution and one person centred Care Plan, accessible by multiple partner organisations, e.g. Acute, Community and Primary Care professionals that have touch points in the individuals discharge pathway (subject to appropriate Role Based Access Control).

Dom Care

Dom Care & Sonin App Development

Dom Care is an innovative pilot project on a mission to keep people living at home for longer at a reduced cost. Helping people to live safe, independent lives through the use of proactive check-ins, medicine reminders, video calling, and one-tap panic buttons.

Rohme Recruitment of Healthcare and Medical Experts

Rohme – Clever Locum Shifts
Rohme is a recruiting platform to help hospital managers find, book and vet temporary healthcare professionals quickly and efficiently by cross-matching job offers with job requests through Rohme’s smart rostering system. Digitalising and streamlining the entire process saves time, money and effort for both hospital managers and healthcare professionals alike.

Hillingdon Hospital

Meeting learning expectations in the 21st century. COLINK – a mobile app matching medical learners and educators at all stages.

CO-LINK is a mobile application that makes use of bedside learning by modelling the sessions in accordance to the students’ interests, needs, learning stage, teaching staff recommendations and adjusting to pre-set preferences with the end goal of accomplishing the student’s learning expectations

Imprivata and Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust goes live with eObservations using Tap & Go technology from Imprivata implemented in just eight weeks

New solution accelerates path to digital maturity and enables clinicians to electronically record patient vital signs quickly and securely via shared mobile devices, improving quality of care and patient safety.

Otsuka Health Solutions and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Integrating data sources through the MaST COVID-19 dashboard in Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

This pilot focused on identifying and proactively managing the safety of those using secondary mental health services across Mersey Care, whilst overcoming resource challenges in local service delivery. Mental health patients were particularly vulnerable to relapse during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many were also on the shielded patient list (SPL).

London Ambulance Service and Abbott plc

Online Diagnostic Ambulance

Using on-line POCT devices within an Ambulance or ‘Single responder’ setting prior to entry to the hospital could help front line staff accelerate decision making, reduce congestion and most importantly, improve patient waiting times in a busy A&E department or contribute to increasing see treat and discharge in the community thus reducing the burden on E.Ds

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Provision of remote, real-time and on-demand examinations for children and young people – Tyto Care at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (BTHFT) is the first provider in the UK to partner with Tyto Care, the healthcare industry’s first all-in-one modular device and AI-powered telehealth platform for on-demand, remote medical examinations to provide healthcare to some of our most vulnerable children and young people.


Medical Management Systems Ltd

Meddbase + HCA Virtual Consultations Collaboration: The Covid-Kickstart Pilot

This pilot was first commissioned by HCA in mid-May 2020, around 8 weeks into UK lockdown. By the end of June 2020 we had rolled out the first pilot solution to enable consultants, who were unable to practice at home or to see patients, to get back to work remotely with never-before-seen state of the art features, new to both organisations.

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