Welcome to the May 2023 edition of the HTN playbook, available in print and online.

In this edition of the playbook we’re exploring a wealth of digital topics, from focusing on different areas of care such as primary care or mental health, to honing in on key topics of interest including remote monitoring and the elective care backlog.

We are joined by a range of health tech suppliers, each sharing information about their latest products and services. Hear about how their solutions have been deployed in other organisations, explore the potential benefits, and learn from case studies as our suppliers set out the ways in which their products have supported digital journeys.

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Digitising health and care

Embarking on a digitisation journey can be a daunting task for organisations, and partnering with the right supplier is key. Hear from health tech suppliers as they share insights and learnings from their solutions, designed to support you and your organisation in digitising your care. 

New models of care

Times are changing and healthcare must too – but what does that mean in practice, and how can we design care with digital at the heart of it? Open Medical and Canon shed light on how their solutions can help you implement new models of care.

Remote monitoring and virtual care

In this category, we hear from OX.DH and Induction Healthcare as they shine the spotlight on the ways in which their solutions have supported healthcare organisations in the delivery of virtual care, and how they have helped staff and patients. 

Digital ICS

Connecting data across organisations, integrating systems, region-wide pathways – there are lots of ways in which digital can support ICS ways of working. Lantum, InterSystems and CCube Solutions join us to highlight the ways in which their products can help ICSs become digital systems of the modern age.

Digital primary care

The pressures and challenges faced by primary care are well-documented – but how can digital tools be used to ease those pressures, support primary care staff and help patients to access the care they need? Hear from Lexacom and Think Healthcare as they detail how they can help.

Electronic patient records

Digital records are often the backbone of a healthcare organisation’s digitisation. Here, three suppliers take you through the ways in which their products can support your EPR journey: Nervecentre, Imprivata and CCube Solutions.


Digital needs to be an enabler for your workforce, not a barrier; in this section, you’ll hear from Patchwork as they describe how their solution can help your staff make the most of digital. We also share views and thoughts from the health tech community. 

Elective care backlog

It’s a hot topic across the NHS and has been for some time, especially since the wide-set disruption triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. With millions on the waiting lists, how can the NHS tackle its elective care backlog? Induction Healthcare and CCube Solutions share how their solutions are designed to ease these pressures.

Digitising mental health

Join Induction Health as they describe how their solution Attend Anywhere/Near Me has been used in NHS Scotland to support patients in safely accessing mental health care. In addition, HTN shares some of the top digital mental health solutions that have caught our eye in recent months.