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For this one-day event, we focus on mixed-topics in health tech through live webinars and research reports,

This event is open to everyone to attend and share thoughts and experiences on different topics. Join us to discuss, discover and learn about the latest ongoings in health tech.

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19 April - Online

19 April


Digital health and behaviour change for CORE 20 Plus 5:  The potential and the pitfalls

Peoples’ everyday behaviours are core to their health. These behaviours are heavily influenced by inequality, and therefore behavioural change solutions should account for different populations and their needs. This session will explore the potential benefits and pitfalls of using digital health solutions to tackle behavioural change for CORE 20 plus 5 populations.

Speaker: Dr Gemma Donovan, Generated Health, Dr Sabine Van Der Veer, University of Manchester


Remote monitoring and digital innovation, keeping people safe at home

The Digital Care Hub at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust now supports over 20,000 care home residents using telemedicine in 700 homes across the country, delivering virtual clinical assessments and also providing a GP triage function. This clinical NHS nursing and therapy team also supports people with chronic ill health with the MyCare24 service and those at the end of their life, via the Gold Line. Remote monitoring has become integral to support self-care and in keeping those with Long Term Conditions safe, alerting the clinical team to early deterioration.

Speaker: Rachel Binks, Nurse Consultant, Digital & Acute Care, Airedale Digital Care Hub (Airedale NHS Foundation Trust)


Panel Discussion: Patient Flow and Virtual Care

During this online session we welcome a panel of experts to discuss patient flow and virtual care from a NHS organisation, ICS system-wide and supplier perspective. 

Our panel will join us to share and discuss projects, challenges, approaches, learnings and opportunities in this area.  

The objectives of the session include to discuss lessons learned, best practices, technical aspects, creating a longitudinal view of the patient or citizen, system-wide view of data, automation and surfacing data at the right time, and virtual care.  

We’ll also pose the question to the panel, what does great look like for patient flow and virtual care for a digital ICS. 

The panel includes: 

  • Dr Penny Kechagioglou, Chief Clinical Information Officer and Deputy Chief Medical Officer at the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire
  • Lee Rickles, CIO, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust
  • Paul Deffley, UK Chief Medical Officer, Alcidion


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Patient records management 

This session will focus on patient records management, interoperability and system-wide access and sharing.

In this session we’ll explore different approaches NHS trusts and integrated care systems can take on providing system-wide access to records to support their electronic patient record (EPR) systems and digital programmes.

The session will also focus on how electronic document and records management can be shared and support citizens become pro-active in their care.


Health Tech Trends Series 

  • Improving patient safety 
  • Integrating health and social care
  • Service delivery models
  • The role of digital in improving experiences