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Helping you achieve the transformation to digital

CCube Solutions has been supporting NHS trusts and health boards to realise tangible benefits, as part of transformation programmes which are focused on patient records management.

CCube Solutions, an independent UK SME, has been working in the NHS some 20 years. We can demonstrate how our proven track record of project successes and expertise working with the NHS is providing cost-effective and scalable solutions, tailored to meet individual requirements. We have recently attained BSi certifications for Standards – 9001, 14001, 2700, 27701 and 10008 which governs legal admissibility of digitised records – demonstrating our commitment to abide with established standards for protecting sensitive patient data held in our solutions in widespread use in the NHS.

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“CCube EDRMS is designed to literally be an online version of the paper record and has six sections busy clinicians are familiar with. This makes it easy and intuitive for them to find the documents they need whether it be clinical correspondence, clinical notes, treatment documents, investigation reports, safeguarding documents and so on.” Geoff Burrow, Chief Information Officer for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals

A partnership approach to delivery

CCube Solutions specialises in providing Electronic Document and Content Management and Workflow solutions, based on the CCube software suite which holds and manages some 500 million documents containing over 52 billion pages for 31 million patients across 30 NHS organisations around the UK.

Much of CCube Solutions’ work over the years has revolved around support for digitising medical records and managing the digitising records, customising the solution to fit the situation of their client.

Video: Vijay Magon discusses outpatient flow transformation

For the April edition of HTN Now, CCube Solutions shared their knowledge and expertise on digital transformation for managing outpatient flow.

For this webcast, we were joined by Vijay Magon, CEO of CCube Solutions, who provided an insightful discussion on the topic, focusing on how digital tools can support patient engagement, outpatient clinic management and attendance management. Read more here >

In this live discussion, Vijay Magon, chiefly focused on the case – and options available – for managing Lloyd George records. 

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