System C & Graphnet Care Alliance leverages new Microsoft solutions to transform healthcare offerings

System C & Graphnet Care Alliance announced it would integrate next generation technologies from Microsoft Corp. directly into Alliance healthcare solutions in the U.K.

The alliance companies are working with Microsoft on transforming patient engagement, clinical communications and using machine learning to drive new models of care.

System C and Graphnet already use Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft HealthVault, Microsoft Azure including Azure machine learning.

The next generation products will be deployed at System C’s Global Digital Excellence partner, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, and will be promoted throughout the National Health Service.

Doctor Ian Denley, joint chief executive of System C, said: “Next generation healthcare IT is about agile clinician-friendly and patient-facing systems operating across care communities, and the integration of healthcare applications with modern communication tools.

“The day of traditional monolithic systems is almost over. System C and Graphnet are leaders in the development of mobile clinical solutions and it is good being recognised as such on an international stage.”

As part of this new initiative Microsoft, System C and Graphnet are working together using a range of products and advanced APIs:

Microsoft HealthVault Insights

Microsoft HealthVault Insights is a new research-based project designed to generate new machine learning-based insights about patient health, drive adherence to care plans, and encourage patient engagement.

System C and Graphnet are using HealthVault Insights APIs to build planning and monitoring features directly into their CareCentric shared record and portal products, combining the personal information captured by wearables and direct patient input with clinical information held elsewhere in the shared care record, in order to transform patient engagement.

Microsoft Office 365 toolkit for Microsoft partners

System C has integrated Skype for Business into its Careflow communication and care co-ordination app, a development which embeds video conferencing technology within clinical workflows. This means that clinicians across a care community can hold meetings and conversations with each other or with their patients, in a way which is secure, patient-identified and recorded as part of the clinical record.

Microsoft Azure machine learning

The myCareCentric new models of care solutions are built by System C and Graphnet on technologies such as portals, wearables, instant messaging and Azure machine learning, to radically redesign services and the way clinicians and patients interact together. The myCareCentric Epilepsy app that System C and Graphnet are currently piloting in the U.K. for example, is designed to “learn” when someone is about to have a seizure and develop tools for patient care management.