Kisharon the first organisation to pilot an innovative new app

Kisharon, a specialist provider of education, opportunity and support services to people with learning difficulties, has become the first organisation to pilot Infinity – an innovative new app specifically designed to enable smarter collaboration, information handover, and task management within modern health and care teams.

Infinity has been developed by technology specialists and frontline medical practitioners to provide a quick and easy way to capture, access, and share digital information in real time about individuals in receipt of care or support.

By offering greater continuity of information and unparalleled visibility of people, teams, wards and locations; Infinity helps teams to improve the safety of individuals while reducing the time required to complete clinical tasks.

Kisharon is trialling Infinity at one of the 11 residences in London where it provides adult supported living services. For the pilot, the app will be used to demonstrate how documenting information digitally and sharing it instantaneously across all team members’ mobile devices can release considerable time to support the people they look after, while offering a single view of all their activities, movements and requirements.

This huge volume of information is almost always captured through hand-written documents and often needs to be recorded multiple times in several different forms and locations so it can be accessed by various members of the team as required.

This system, while detailed and meticulous, is extremely time consuming and makes the team’s visibility of up-to-date information about the people they look after almost entirely dependent on when and how staff members document and share the information in their heads.

The pilot is scheduled to last several weeks, after which the impact of Infinity will be assessed and used as the basis for decisions about broader deployment.