Babylon announces 2 million member milestone in Rwanda

Babylon has announced they now have welcomed over 2 million members to babyl healthcare service in Rwanda.

Rwanda has a total population of circa 12 million people and with Babylon-powered healthcare consultations available in- country to anyone aged 16-years or over, this means that of the 6.7 million Rwandans who are eligible to join babyl, 30% of Rwandans aged 16-plus have registered with us since the babyl service was launched in September 2016.

Babylon’s Founder and CEO, Dr Ali Parsa said “That so many people have welcomed babyl, as we’re known locally in Rwanda, into their daily lives – trusting us to provide safe, accurate, personalised treatment advice and access to doctors – is as humbling as it is gratifying.”

“From the grass-roots engagement by over 500 babyl Ambassadors living in rural villages and local communities to our valued partnerships with the Rwandan Ministry of Health and Social Security Board, the speed and enthusiasm with which Rwandans have embraced the benefits of digital healthcare is nothing short of remarkable.”