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CCube Solutions launches ePaper

CCube Solutions have launched ePaper a solution to take paper to digital without scanning.

ePaper uses Warcom’s Clipboard technology to allow users to use existing paper forms to complete and sign documents using an ink pen (included with the clipboard). It then converts the documents to a digital version in real- time – the user can fill out the paper form as they normally would.

All the strokes made by the pen on the clipboard are captured and streamed to the host device and immediately applied to the digital document. Biometric handwritten signatures can also be captured and attached. The digital documents can then be saved as read-only documents (eg. PDF) and sent into any IT system eg. EPR, Clinical Portals, document management systems, etc.

The healthcare sector manages a wealth of patient data, from medical notes and clinical records, patient consent forms to new patient documents. The capture and processing of this information must ensure that sharing and interoperability can be streamlined and must be compliant with established guidelines for Information Governance and data- sharing standards. Good progress has been made and continues to innovate, minimising dependency on paper.

Electronic forms that can be used on many different types of devices including smartphones are on the increase and do enrich the user experience. Where processes remain dependent on use of paper, developments in writing technology are paving the way forward – to allow users to continue using paper and pen for recording information and seamlessly create digital records, without scanning.

Some of the features of the solution:

  • Use existing paper forms and create digital versions using tools provided
  • Organisations benefit from archiving and accessing digital documents
  • Customers can fill out familiar paper forms on the electronic clipboard
  • Secure, biometric eSignatures can be included with the digital document
  • Supports Open Standards for data capture, eg. HL7 FHIR
  • Completed forms can be sent electronically into any IT system
  • Supports standards-based data sharing

Vijay Magon, CEO, CCube Solutions “We believe that NHS Trusts who scan their own patient records and continue using existing paper forms for new patient information, will save time, costs, and reduce their scanning volumes, especially in Inpatient and Outpatient clinics where the additional paperwork has to be collated and taken to the scanning facility. The digital record created using ePaper can be sent into any IT system ensuring that it is immediately available and shared as required.”