Alcidion Group to acquire Patientrack

NHS technology provider Patientrack is to enhance its work with NHS hospitals following an agreement to be acquired by health informatics software company Alcidion Group.

The move will create a company focused on next-generation patient safety, decision intelligence and analytics technology for healthcare. Hospitals will benefit from the same Patientrack team in the UK, whilst also gaining access to new services and products offered by the group.

Patientrack has been used widely by NHS hospitals to digitise the capture of vital signs, providing doctors and nurses with early warnings when patients are at risk of deterioration, and helping to better identify deadly conditions like sepsis and acute kidney injury.

Alcidion’s Miya platform provides decision intelligence software that consolidates real-time data from disparate healthcare IT systems, and pushes decision intelligence and guidance to users, including to the point of care via mobile devices. The Miya platform is cloud based with analytics tools to help professionals to manage clinical workflows and reduce avoidable injury, and provides logistics tools to give valuable time back to the care team.

Donald Kennedy, managing director at Patientrack, who will continue to lead the organisation in the UK, said: “NHS hospitals and the dedicated healthcare professionals who use and innovate with our technology have made Patientrack a success story in the UK for achieving improved patient safety. Becoming part of Alcidion Group is a very positive and progressive step that will allow us to meet even more of our customers’ objectives as they look to make more of the information they hold, and to better manage the patient journey.”

“Patientrack is retaining everything that has allowed us to develop a network of NHS hospitals using our technology to support the NHS digital ambitions, including our established brand, UK leadership and staffing. We remain committed to listening to our customers so we can respond to their priorities. With a common goal of improving patient safety and efficiency of care, we now have a very real opportunity to draw on an even greater pool of skills and products to meet the needs of individual hospitals and the broader NHS. This is about maintaining and increasing the quality of our products and technological capabilities.”

Services will remain business as usual for all customers. Completion of the acquisition is expected on 29th June 2018, and the transaction is subject to an Alcidion shareholder vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting expected to be held in early June 2018.