Primary Care News

Creating a new IT ecosystem for General Practice

NHS Digital is taking the next step to create a more open, flexible and competitive IT framework for primary care. A Prior Information Notice has been published to launch market engagement activities for the new Digital Care Services framework.

This new framework will replace the outgoing GP Systems of Choice framework and enable the purchase of systems and services in a more dynamic market.

NHS Digital is seeking to engage with supplier market to transform IT within general practice and unlock wider benefits for the whole care system.

Services provided under the new Digital Care Service Framework will include clinical management solutions to support:

  • business continuity in general practice;
  • new ways of working in general practice;
  • integrated and federated care, and
  • cross-organisational working.

The new framework will extend support to providers beyond traditional GP practices to emerging new models of care including; GP federations, primary care networks, community and mental health and integrated care organisations.

“This is a step-change towards ensuring the continued relevance and resilience of primary care IT systems to meet evolving NHS needs,” explained Martin Warden, Director of the Digital Transformation in General Practice programme at NHS Digital, which is delivering this initiative.

“The new framework will improve access to GP data for patients and the NHS, as well as enabling digitised workflows in and between care settings to support better patient care. It will make it simpler to bring new capabilities and suppliers to market; and provide local organisations and other buyers with more choice through an online catalogue service.”