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Enovacom Whitepaper: Patients and their data

Enovacom the provider of innovative healthcare software, enabling the exchange and sharing of patient data has published a white paper focusing on patients and their data: the foundations for healthcare transformations. 

You can access and download the Whitepaper here.

If you consider that 25 to 30% of medical examinations and interventions are unnecessary, that our healthcare system (and its staff) is under huge pressure and that many organisations need restructuring it becomes obvious that e-health must keep on developing and improving.

Computerising healthcare systems has now reached the point of no return. Digital health services can use these foundations to help the emergence of coordination of IT systems and patient treatment in areas where the healthcare system is being reorganised. This evolution calls for a relentless focus on the challenges linked with interoperability – the ability for systems to interact using norms and standards to make end-to-end data management run smoother.

Building national interoperability frameworks database by database, repository by repository, aims to set the rules for safe connected healthcare IT systems, address siloed operations and lasting partitions. Naturally, technology suppliers are contributing to this project.

Solutions for connected healthcare, the flow of computerised information in digital hospitals and patient records which are accessible in real time help healthcare professionals coordinate their work and deliver more efficient patient care. The same applies to the challenges of coordinating care between health and social care settings. All of this can be reduced by implementing these IT systems which focus more and more on patients/users/citizens.

Download the white paper here.