Amazon launches Transcribe Medical to its US audience

Amazon last week unveiled Transcribe Medical to its US audience, a speech recognition tool to make clinical documentation more efficient. 

The company said the tool will make it easier for developers to integrate medical transcriptions into applications. In the company announcement Amazon said “It can automatically and accurately transcribe physicians’ dictations, as well as their conversations with patients, into text. The service enables automatic punctuation and capitalisation, allowing physicians to speak naturally when transcribing voice notes.”

“At launch, Amazon Transcribe Medical is HIPAA eligible, and offers an easy-to-use API that can integrate with voice-enabled applications and any device with a microphone.”

“Users can call the API to open a secure connection over WebSocket protocol and start passing a stream of audio to the service. In return, users receive a stream of text in real time. The raw text can be pumped into downstream text analytics services, Amazon Comprehend Medical, to extract valuable medical insights.”

One of its first customers signing up to the service is Cerner.  HTN reported last week when Cerner CEO, Brent Shafer announced the corporations plans with Amazon Web Services. Cerner has selected AWS as its preferred cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) provider.

The Transcribe Medical service reportedly costs $0.25 cents per minute.