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Siilo provides organisational crisis management app for free

Health tech start up messaging app, Siilo, is providing its organisational crisis management tool to the NHS for free.

The company said over the past two weeks it’s seen a significant increase in downloads of the app, with now nearly 250,000 users and usage has tripled in recent weeks.

The app provides a secure and quick way for healthcare professionals to communicate, without using WhatsApp and is used by St. George’s University Hospitals.

Dr Darren Lui, Spinal and Orthopaedic Surgeon at St George’s Hospital, said “Maintaining open and up-to-date lines of communication is crucial with hospitals dealing with a growing number of patients, which is why our team is using Siilo to communicate safely, effectively and efficiently to discuss and share information and pictures while remaining compliant.”

“We’ve seen the benefits of WhatsApp in these situations, but of course it comes with the major caveat of confidentiality. Even at this time of crisis, we need to ensure we are communicating as safely and securely as possible — we owe it to our patients.”

“As the global pandemic worsens, my advice to healthcare organisations is to download Siilo. You shouldn’t think twice about it.”

Dr Joost Bruggeman, CEO of Siilo, said “COVID-19 developments are painfully exposing how legacy silos and time-consuming phone tag are slowing down collaboration and knowledge sharing.”

“We’ve seen organisations and users coordinate crisis plans and communicate with impacted staff all across Europe on our platform. We want to make that a possibility for all overburdened healthcare organisations so they can continue to focus on their patients.”