Mid and South Essex NHS FT launches new remote digital monitoring platform

Mid and South Essex NHS FT has launched a new remote digital monitoring platform as part of a transformation of post-treatment care for patients recovering from cancer.

The trust commissioned a portal to support the digital delivery of personalised care packages and for clinicians and GPs to keep track of and communicate with patients. It provides support for patients that have been treated for breast, colorectal or prostate cancer, by providing a platform for patients to keep in touch with clinicians and access support, resources and advice.

The platform will host a comprehensive plan for the patient’s longer term care and support after their treatment has ended. It also includes treatment summaries, a care review and health and wellbeing support and guidance.

Michael Catling, the Trust’s director for cancer, said “We want to improve the quality and impact of the care and support provided to patients living with – and beyond – cancer. These personalised care packages and the technology that will support them will mean patients are better informed about their disease, their treatment and the long-term effects of the cancer and their medication.”

“Self-management services are tailored to individual needs and therefore help people return to living healthy and full lives as swiftly as possible.”

The tool will help healthcare professionals keep track of patients and it is hoped it will mean fewer hospitals visits through using the portal via an app or website.

Dr Deepak Kumar, Macmillan GP, said “From a clinical point of view, patient centred innovations such as this are fantastic. It empowers patients and enables us to all work together in a much more personalised way. We are all looking forward to seeing how this particular project develops.”

THERAPYAUDIT developed the platform following the trust receiving £180,000 in funding provided by the East of England Cancer Alliance Transformation Programme to support the new model of care and technology.

Chris Wright, an IT consultant, founder and CEO of THERAPYAUDIT  “We are pleased to be partnering with MSEFT by supplying technology that can help the Trust transform the care of patients recovering from cancer. It demonstrates how technology providers can work with committed clinicians to improve healthcare and give patients more control over their own recovery.”