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Health tech specialist launches melanoma screening test for primary care

Moletest, a British based health tech company, has launched a new tool to support primary care providers with screening for skin lesions suspected of melanoma.

The company hopes the tool can substantially reduce the number of unnecessary dermatology referrals to secondary care by over 50% by using the rule-out screening test for skin lesions.

Its nomela® test has been developed to assist the screening process, when an iPad is used to take images of the suspect skin lesion, which are then analysed against five algorithms to provide an instant result, either “No evidence of melanoma” or “Melanoma not excluded”.

Joe Ferreira, Marketing Director at Moletest (Scotland) Ltd, said:“Following previous trials with NHS Lanarkshire, our latest trial with Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, aims to further confirm the accuracy of nomela®, which, as a test specifically for healthcare professional use, will fundamentally improve the patient pathway in dermatology care and provide substantial cost savings to health services.”

Clinical studies with the tool, in conjunction with NHS Lanarkshire, are due to be published by the British Association of Dermatologists Annual Meeting in September 2020.  

Bruce Murray, Technical Director at Moletest (Scotland) Ltd, said: “It is a challenge to identify which skin lesions are melanoma, whether by inspection with the naked eye or using technological advances, such as the dermatoscope.”

“Our rule-out technology will help to identify which skin lesions do not require further investigation. nomela® uses the iPad Pro as a medical grade device which is centrally controlled so that it can be configured for each user and its operating system and software automatically updated following performance testing.”

“The quality of its camera and screen ensure a clear close-up image with detailed edge detection. Our technical approach is to control all variable factors, including the type of device used to ensure reliable results.”