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AccuRx raises £27.5 million

AccuRx, a health-tech company focused on ‘bringing together everyone involved in a patient’s care’ has raised £27.5 million in Series B funding.

The company announced the news this week, with plans for the funding to be used to ‘build a patient-centred communication platform for the healthcare system’.

Supported by Lakestar, a European venture capitalist, who led the round, the company has also attracted new investors including British Patient Capital.

The newly raised funds will help accuRx grow its team by 300 people (from 120+), develop new products, and enhance the company’s offering for its GP practices. The company also noted the funding will help support its expansion into secondary care.

In the announcement, the company highlighted its journey starting in 2016: “In the early days, we spent five months practically living inside a GP practice in Oxford and quickly realised that a lot of the problems that arise across the healthcare system come down to communication. We set out on our journey to fix this to help make healthcare staff happier and improve patient outcomes. Our vision is that everyone involved in a patient’s care can communicate with each other, so we’re building a patient-centred platform to make this possible.”

Over the past 18 months, the company has provided a booking system for the national COVID-19 vaccination programme, which has since been used to manage almost 22 million vaccines. It’s also expanded in secondary care, to now cover 15 per cent of NHS trusts, and grown in primary care to support 7,000 GP practices.

Jacob Hadded, CEO and co-founder of accuRx, commented: “We are extremely pleased that British Patient Capital is participating in our Series B funding round, particularly as they share our mission of improving healthcare. We believe that healthcare is a communication industry and when healthcare teams can communicate easily and reliably, they can deliver even better patient care.

“We’re proud to have become a critical piece of infrastructure for general practice in the UK. We’ve got an exciting roadmap to grow our adoption in settings like hospitals and district nursing, to connect communication across the health and care system.”

Earlier this month the company was also named as a finalist in the Health Tech Awards 2021, ‘Best Health Tech Solution of the Year’ category.