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Feature: ICSs adopt connected workforce platform for system resilience

As part of HTN’s feature series focussing on Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), and how practical digital solutions and programmes are supporting local system working, we’re take a closer look at Lantum, a digital workforce management solution on a mission to tackle the costs spent on temporary staffing. 

They’re already working with 19 ICSs to do so, and are reporting significant savings. Surrey Heartlands ICS and Greater Manchester Health and Care Partnership are two healthcare systems the company’s platform is supporting. In this article, we explore how both have seen increased engagement with practices and clinicians, as well as significant savings in time and money.

Concept to go-live in 6 weeks

First off, we heard from Jamie Wright, Primary Care Workforce Development Lead at Surrey Heartlands ICS, who told HTN about the flexible staff pool that launched in January 2022, and in just 6 weeks went from concept to live.

Jamie said: “The software was in use at an individual GP practice and Federation level in the area, but our aim was to grow the use of the platform from its existing base to across the Surrey Heartlands ICS footprint.  

“We worked with the Lantum team to develop a comprehensive launch plan, which included activity to support adoption with clinicians and practices, also an internal communications strategy and training resources for practices to utilise as well. 

“During the launch phase and beyond, we have seen an increase in practice sign ups, and we are working with the team at Lantum on targeted initiatives to build our clinician base and reengagement with practices who are yet to sign up.

“Whilst in its early phases we are pleased with the progress made to date in this offering to primary care, and the future potential the platform offers to the wider system.”

On digital transformation, Pramit Patel, Primary Care Network Leader at Surrey Heartlands ICS, told us: “We have made great progress over the past year in terms of driving the digital agenda, and digital workforce management has been a key part of that.

“We want to continue to become digitally mature, and will be working on the surrey care record, structuring unstructured data within the longitudinal patient records, population health management and high-risk health management, and new models of care. But all of this can only really be achieved if we support and help our staff.”

One connected, primary care workforce platform

Across Greater Manchester, 10 CCGs have adopted the platform, which now sees over 26 staff types use the system, achieving fill rates of up to 94%. 

Lantum highlights that the savings to date are in the region of £4.9 million and, as a result of the partnership, they’ve also supported with improving workforce visibility, scheduling and finding additional staff when needed. 

Some of the challenges Greater Manchester Health and Care Partnership wanted to overcome included: 

  • Getting workforce visibility, which was challenging, both for system-level leadership and for practice groups and hub services trying to plan their schedules.
  • Managing complicated schedules and manual processes, which was further exacerbated by the additional complexities caused by COVID-19.
  • Finding additional staff, which was consistently time-consuming, unpredictable and stressful – and often expensive, as recruitment agencies were regularly used.

The Health and Care Partnership aimed to create a single, shared primary care workforce bank that would connect GPs with all practices and service providers in the area. This resulted in additional support for practices, and other benefits such as: 

  • Access to more working opportunities – Clinical staff are able to easily access additional sessional work across the ICS, with notifications about opportunities that match their skills and location.
  • Quick invoicing and next-day payments – Lantum automatically generates invoices for shifts completed.
  • More visibility and control – Staff are able to see and manage their bookings, and to quickly and easily share information such as clinical compliance documents or qualifications with Practice Managers.

If you’re interested in the case study at Greater Manchester, you can access it here.

To find out more, visit Lantum’s website here.