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Hampshire Hospitals releases seven-year strategic plan with focus on digital

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has published its strategic plan focusing on priorities for the trust over the next seven years.

The strategy is intended to help the trust achieve its vision “to provide outstanding care for every patient and is guided by its inclusive CARE values – compassionate and caring, accountable and responsible, respectful, and encouraging.”

Here we’ll take a look the role digital and data play in the strategy.

Under “making the best use of our resources”, the trust notes the following objective: “We will make investments in specific physical and digital assets with clear improvement objectives, while maintaining our existing infrastructure. Investments will be considered in terms of their consistency with the objectives of the Hampshire Together programme.”

Additionally, as an objective for their sustainability work, the strategy says: “We will empower our patients and staff by implementing digital solutions enabling self-management and joining up care across health and social care sectors.”

Also in the sustainability focused section, the trust says that in 2022-2023 it will “work with our partners to deliver the out of hospital business case and a digital strategy and business case.” It will also “plan and commence programmes to ensure services have access to high quality data, to inform productivity improvements”, “deliver research and development strategy and implementation plan” and “upskill staff to embrace research, innovation and improvement.”

In 2023-2025, the priorities will include delivering a year one to three digital business case and supporting staff to work in an “agile, flexible way that ensures our patients are supported by high quality joined up care at the point of need.” This period will also see work on ensuring that systems and processes are fit for purpose, productive, safe and supported by high-quality data. The trust’s Green Plan will also take priority here, with focus on “workforce and system leadership, sustainable models of care, digital transformation, travel and transport, estates and facilities, medicines, supply chain and procurement, food and nutrition [and] adaptation.” Rounding off this section, the trust says that it will “work seamlessly with academic partners to embed research culture and develop capability” and “embed a culture of innovation and a growing portfolio of programmes and projects.” These objectives will be measured against the success measure of compliance with their digital strategy implementation delivery, achieving Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 5 level as a minimum.

A separate objective for 2023-2025 is listed under “making Hampshire Hospitals NHS a great place to work for our people”, with the trust stating its intention to “develop digital learning capabilities and embed in core learning programmes.”

Eight specific strategies will support the central plan, including strategies for digital, innovation and quality improvement.

To read the strategy in full, please click here.