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HSC Northern Ireland publish digital strategy for 2022-2030

Health and Social Care (HSC) Northern Ireland have published their digital strategy for the next eight years, sharing their vision of “making lives better for the people of Northern Ireland, using digital to transform the way we deliver health, care and wellbeing services.” HSC published the strategy this week and […]

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NHS England publishes digital priorities for 2022/23

NHS England has published its digital priorities for the next 12 months, as part of a wider release on operational planning guidance across a number of areas. Entitled ‘2022/23 priorities and operational planning guidance’, the 40-page document was released on 24 December 2021 and sets out NHS objectives for the next […]

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UCLH puts tech at the forefront of new outpatient transformation strategy for a ‘hospital without walls’

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) has released its new ‘Outpatient Transformation Strategy’ for 2021-26. Covering the next five years, the document’s title is one of its goals – ‘a hospital without walls’ – with a focus on an ‘integrated future for outpatients’ that has tech and digital […]