Interoperability specialist merges with terminology management supplier

Interoperability specialists Lyniate and healthcare terminology management solution CareCom have entered into a definitive merger agreement.

Lyniate, who recently merged with NextGate, a patient identity data management solution, said its latest merger is “to further extend the company’s ability to offer a complete suite of interoperability solutions.”

With the addition of CareCom’s products for terminology management, the portfolio will now include the ability for cross-mapping healthcare terminologies into standardised data, such as including diagnostic and procedure codes. It also supports FHIR terminology management and mapping, value set management, and converting unstructured data, such as notes fields, into interoperable information.

Erkan Akyuz, CEO of Lyniate, commented on the merger: “Interoperability challenges exist at multiple levels, and we see semantic integration as integral to meaningful data exchange.

“So much critical information is effectively locked away behind different standards of language, and our customers are eager to normalise and aggregate that data to build more complete and accurate records. This merger supports our strategy to continue to offer flexible, best of breed, and connected interoperability capabilities to better meet clinician needs and advance the standards of excellence in this rapidly evolving industry. The team and the technology are a great fit for Lyniate, and we are eager for the future, together.”

“We are excited about this growth opportunity to include our proven semantic interoperability solutions in the industry’s foremost interoperability suite,” said Jacob Boye Hansen, president and founder of CareCom. “Lyniate and CareCom share a vision for person-to-person interoperability that supports freedom of expression and is unconstrained by data location or format.”

The two organisations said the merger is driven by a long partnership of sharing joint customers that are using their solutions.