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What is the greatest challenge for AI in healthcare?

This month at HTN, we have been exploring all things artificial intelligence. Last week, we held a day of live webinars and written content exploring a range of topics in the world of AI – catch up on a discussion around how AI has been used to transform an ICS waiting list here, or read our special report on AI research here.

For this poll, we asked our HTN audience:

What’s the greatest challenge for AI in healthcare? 

Our audience was asked to choose from the following four options: funding streams, skills and domain knowledge, regulation and governance and data and infrastructure.

Participants in the poll came from a range of backgrounds and professions, from digital technology, clinical, project management, information security and biomedical science.

The majority of voters, 51 percent, believed that regulation and governance pose the greatest challenge for AI in healthcare. Voters included lead management, digital innovation, NHS leadership and data migration roles.

Next up, with 21 percent each, our audience voted for the options of data and infrastructure, and skills and domain knowledge. The participants in both of these categories came from backgrounds such as cyber security, clinical leadership, digital health, healthcare and informatics.

Lastly, receiving 7 percent of votes, was the option of funding streams. This garnered support from participants such as ICB business partners, senior management and digital healthcare managers.

Do you agree with the final votes? Would you have chosen differently?

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