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Radar Healthcare on their new and improved audit management module

Content by Radar Healthcare.

Radar Healthcare’s new and improved Audit Management module is transforming the auditing processes of health and social care providers.

Launched in March, the improved module was developed in close collaboration with Radar Healthcare’s partners, and introduces a host of brand-new features. Health and social care providers can complete audits with ease and gain a comprehensive understanding of the information captured, while seeing the “bigger picture” behind their operations, making it easier to identify areas for improvement.

Mark Fewster, chief product officer, describes how the information can be used to generate a new workflow; for example, if somebody fails a specific question on an audit, this information will be relayed to certain individuals and will kick-start a new process. There might be a need for authorisation or a review, for example – the ‘so what’ actions related to audit results. The ability to handle the ‘so what’ is built into the module.

Users will be able to create bespoke audits with set or customised responses, share audits between different job roles and track the history of an audit’s actions. Customers can also amend audit frequency by location according to the needs of the organisation, for example underperforming locations can be on a weekly or fortnightly schedule, while others can be audited monthly.

In Radar Healthcare’s most recent audit-focused webinar, it was highlighted that flexible audit types (22 percent) were a favourite feature, closely followed by the ability to assign to a role (20 percent). All of these enhancements have been made possible by Radar Healthcare’s close collaboration with its partners through forums and beta groups.

Mark says: “We know that when looking for risk management and audit software, our customers need a product which competes with tools solely designed for this purpose, which is exactly what our enhanced module does.

“We’ve involved our customers at ideas stage and in our development process so we can shape the product the way they want. We’re confident that our fully integrated audit module is as good as any standalone auditing software on the market but with the added benefit of being integrated with our full risk and compliance system.”

According to a recent report by BT, 58 percent of NHS professionals cited connectivity issues as a real challenge when it comes to using technology so the ability to work offline while carrying out an audit is a huge benefit to staff in terms of time and efficiencies. Radar Healthcare’s enhanced audit module allows users to continue their audit with or without internet access, meaning health and care providers no longer need to factor in user access to computers or internet into audit timelines.

Ben Winfield, quality systems manager at Lifeways Group, says: “The Lifeways Group has been using Radar Healthcare to monitor compliance across our various service models since January 2022. Radar Healthcare has allowed us to ensure local and organisational governance processes are embedded and followed to great success. The final ‘missing piece’ for us is the Radar Healthcare Enhanced Audit module which will allow us to evidence our validation and continual quality monitoring of services; demonstrating the outstanding support given to the people we support.

“As an organisation, we see the great benefit of the new alerts and notifications linked to a specific question within the audits. The value of such a feature for an organisation of our size with thousands of audits taking place throughout the year removes the reliance of our managers alerting us to specific findings, improving both quality and safety of our operations. We are looking forward to demonstrating to our regulators, commissioners and external stakeholders the quality assurance processes which the enhanced audit will provide. The themes and trend reporting from the audits will be invaluable for our strategic decision making and supporting our colleagues in the work they do.”

The improved audit module, described as a ‘game-changer’ by one partner, makes Radar Healthcare one of the market-leading suppliers when it comes to audit management software and it enables health and social care providers to choose from a range of pre-built or build-your-own custom audits. Whether it’s CQC audits and NHS clinical audits or medical audits and infection control audits, users can choose as many as they need and complete them locally or nationally using the system.

The ability to use audits to do the ‘so what’ enables health and social care providers to drive improvement through continuous learning. That, combined with the flexibility and AI and machine learning aspects of the Radar Healthcare platform makes it the perfect solution for implementing the new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF). Find out how here.

About Radar Healthcare

Radar Healthcare is one of the most established quality and compliance software solutions and was founded in 2012 with the vision to make a real difference in delivering positive outcomes and instilling a culture of continuous improvement in health and social care.

Radar Healthcare helps organisations in health and social care across the UK and internationally to make a real difference. Combining digital innovation with hands-on experience in healthcare environments characterises the strategy, with the end goal always being to make healthcare safer.

It is not just providing risk, quality and compliance software, it’s the importance of care and safety. User experience, partner engagement and the commitment to delivering the best possible healthcare outcomes have been there since day one.

Compliance isn’t just ticking a box; it’s creating a safer experience. Spotting trends and analysing data isn’t just for board reporting, it’s learning how to prevent incidents and improve future outcomes through continuous improvements. Radar Healthcare understands the day-to-day pressures and challenges faced, which is why their software is constantly evolving to stay on top of the latest requirements.

The flexibility of this single system software allows those in health and social care to combine a vast array of their needs including:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Governance and assurance
  • Quality improvement
  • Safety and outcomes
  • Organisational learning
  • Operational performance
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Brand protection

Radar Healthcare is one of the most established quality and compliance software solutions and are helping health and social care providers to make a real difference, now and in the future.

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