PRSB’s diabetes record information standard awarded ‘mandatory’ status

The Data Alliance Partnership Board has approved a new diabetes record information standard, recommended by The Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB).

PRSB was tasked by NHS England to develop a standard information requirement specification, to ensure health and care teams have the information to advise and support a person with diabetes to manage their diabetes. It has been developed to standardise information shared across stakeholders, whether recorded by the person or a healthcare professional.

The standard aims to support access to information, such as providing information recorded by community nurses or podiatrists available to GPs and hospitals doctors; eye screening data available to the GP and hospital team; self-management data recorded in medical devices; and information such as latest HbA1c test results shared across system.

Now approved by the Department of Health and Social Care, it sets out how this information, such as eye screening results, structured education, insulin dosing and foot risk, should be recorded in a consistent way so that it can be shared across care settings and between IT systems.

“Tackling variation in diabetes care is one of the fundamental aims of the NHS Diabetes Programme. Beyond routine care, this also extends to information sharing and having required standards,” commented Professor Partha Kar, national speciality advisor for diabetes, NHS England.

Professor Kar added: “This new standard is fundamental to ensuring that information is shared between systems clearly and consistently – whether that be between digital systems or healthcare professionals – to provide the best advice and support to people living with diabetes.”

Loraine Foley, CEO at PRSB, said: “PRSB’s Diabetes Record Information Standard  will improve the care and management of people living with diabetes. It should help reduce complications and support people to get on with living their lives and staying well. That is the outcome we are all looking for.”

To view the standard, please click here.