Market engagement opens for national paediatric early warning system specification

NHS England has issued a market engagement notice for potential suppliers of NHS trust early warning scores systems, to provide feedback into a proposed national digital specification.

A national paediatric early warning system (PEWS) specification is currently being developed for supplier platforms, with an aim “that facilitates a standardised and interoperable method of tracking and detecting the deteriorating child.”

The National Systemwide Paediatric Observations Tracking Programme (SPOT) is currently developing the standard, which is anticipated to be published later this year.

To support suppliers understanding of the proposal for the digital specifications, and how to feedback into the process, an engagement event is being held on 16 May 2023. To register, email

The notice adds: “This PEW system has initially been designed to be used within an inpatient setting. In preparation for the upcoming release of a National PEWS Beta Digital Specification, we would run like to run a market engagement event to engage with potential suppliers for NHS trust early warning scores systems.”

Last year, for HTN Now, we held a session with Leeds Teaching Hospitals on e-observations, focusing on a new way of recording physiological observations and identifying children at risk of clinical deterioration.

We were joined by Lead Nurse for Digital Informatics, David Pickles, and Senior Developer ,Jonny Dyson, who joined us to discuss the benefits of the new solution. The system has the ability to provide an advanced paediatric warning score (ePAWS) for patients, built on top of existing functionality; “it’s a graded response strategy, based on the patient’s observations,” said David, “and allows for early identification of potential deterioration in a patient’s condition.” Watch the session back here.