Launching… HTN International!

For years we’ve been bringing you key news, insights, updates and innovations from the healthcare industry through articles, interviews, deep dives, features, live sessions, our awards programme and more. Now, we’re delighted to share that we are widening our scope through the launch of our new sister site, HTN International.

So what can you expect from HTN International?

Original insights

Last week, the HTN team visited Web Summit in Lisbon – a tech-focused event focusing on all things digital across all industries. We’ve attended health-focused talks and interviewed entrepreneur from the health space across different countries to bring you insights into what’s happening in this space across the globe.

Head on over to the site now for our event overview, soon to be followed with content focusing on health tech in Poland, Switzerland, the USA, Pakistan and more.

Interviews and perspectives

One of the things we love most at HTN is talking to health tech professionals to hear about their journeys, the challenges they face and how they are tackling them, their projects, programmes, best practice and advice for others. We’re continuing the tradition over on HTN International, and we’re pleased to share our first interview with Keltie Jamieson, chief hospital information officer for Bermuda Hospitals Board. Keltie shared her insights into the digital health landscape in Bermuda, her thoughts on the formation of related strategies, and her hopes for the future.

If you’re a healthcare practitioner from outside the UK and you are interested in sharing your story, feel free to email us at

Celebration of best practice

We’re excited to share a new awards programme designed specifically for our international site, which will celebrate the projects, innovators, start-ups and suppliers making an impact in digital health from across the globe.

Entries for the awards are open now and there are five categories to get involved in: health tech case study of the year, innovation of the year, driving patient care, start-up of the year and improving efficiency and outcomes with tech.

You can find the entry form and more information here – good luck!

Live events

On 24 April, HTN Now – our live event series sharing webinars and discussion panels on key topics in digital health – will take a global focus, with live and written content exploring key topics from across the world.

As part of this, we’ll be hosting a panel on digital health development on an international scale on 24 April. If you’re interested in participating, please email for more information.

The latest updates

And, of course, you’ll find news over there, as we bring you the top health tech stories that have caught our eye from across the globe.

Click here to visit HTN.International.