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Poll: which area should be the 2024 priority for an ICS and digital across a system?

We’ve been taking a focus on digital integrated care systems over the last week; we chatted with Eleanor Rollason and Chris Tack from Channel 3 Consulting about how how NHS organisations and ICSs can better deliver value through digital, and we also spoke with North West London ICB’s Clare Gallagher about the digital projects and programmes in the region with a focus on digital for social prescribing.

For our latest poll, we asked our LinkedIn audience: if you had additional funding, which area should be the priority for an ICS and digital across a system? 

Nearly half of the voters said that infrastructure and connectivity should take precedence, with 48 percent of the vote going to this option. Respondents in this area included digital transformation director; information technology business manager; maternity transformation programme manager; and head of urgent and emergency care.

Tied in second place, 18 percent of voters believed that the priority should be scaling remote care and citizen/workforce skills. For scaling remote care, votes came in from roles such as deputy chief digital information officer, PCN manager and senior project manager; for building citizen and workforce skills, we saw votes from chief information officer, head of digital services and director of digital.

Finally, innovations for ICS challenges took 16 percent of the vote. For this option, votes came in from positions including physician, commercial director and marketing lead.

Which option would you choose?

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In our recent thought leadership piece on the digital landscape for PCNs and practice practice managers, we explored our audience’s thoughts on where the digital priority should lie for primary care.

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