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Poll: where should digital investment go in the short term?

Over on LinkedIn, we asked our audience for views on where digital investment should go in the short term – to patient-facing technology; cross-organisational workflows; data, demand and visibility tools; or digitising/removing paper?

We received over 130 votes and views were fairly spread out, with cross-organisational workflows taking the lead with 36 percent of the vote. Here, we saw voters including senior project manager, PCN lead, chief clinical information officer and programme manager.

Digitising or removing paper was up next at 25 percent, with patient-facing tech close behind at 23 percent. For the first, votes came from roles such as cyber security lead, chief information officer and mental health nurse; for the second, voters included digital technical manager, chief technology officer and CEO.

Finally, 16 percent of voters thought that the short-term investment should go into data, demand and visibility tools. These voters included information support manager, GP and deputy chief nurse.

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On the topic of improving workflows, last year HTN produced a special report focusing on pathways, cross-organisational workflows and region-wide projects, in which we looked into news, case studies and resources in this area. One of our HTN Award categories last year was also ‘health tech digital pathway and workflow optimisation’ which saw us highlight the work that a range of finalists are doing in this space; click here to read more about their projects and programmes.

With regards to digitising or removing paper, we recently explored a white paper from Restore Records Management which looks into how patient records in the NHS can be optimised; we heard from CCube Solutions’ Vijay Magon on the patient information landscape; and on a related note, last month we noted that NHS Education for Scotland has announced the launch of “paperless placements” for nursing students at the University of Dundee.

HTN looked into patient-facing tech here and asked our readers for views on what could improve the success of patient portals and patient-facing tech in this post.

Finally, on data, demand and visibility tools, you can catch up with our coverage of Somerset NHS Trust’s strategic data themes here, including a focus on predictive modelling, data dashboards and early warning systems; and read about the plans for a decentralised data ecosystem between six of Europe’s children’s hospitals here.