Aire Innovate is a new health tech solutions provider

Aire Innovate is a new health tech solutions provider — born out of the success and healthcare expertise of our sister company, Aire Logic Limited.

Low code, high impact solutions

We offer a suite of standalone products, which are even more powerful when combined to create a platform that solves specific healthcare challenges. Unlike off-the-shelf products, we enable fast-paced innovation at the point of care.

Healthcare organisations can evolve and adapt our technology over time rather than using single-use apps that don’t have the flexibility to grow with their changing needs.

Created in collaboration with our clinical advisory group — our technology meets ever changing patient and clinical needs and healthcare standards.

How our platform supports integrated care systems:

  • Cross-organisation data sharing: link, view and share relevant data from existing and legacy systems
  • Highly interoperable platform: connect new applications into existing infrastructure seamlessly
  • Flexible patient pathway management: enable inter-organisation referrals without replacing existing systems
  • Device agnostic patient engagement: provide patients with easy-to-use access across all consumer technology
  • Scalable, sustainable technology: evolve the platform at your pace to address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges
  • Advanced monitoring and data analysis: track performance, uptime and resource usage
  • Process automation: automate critical business processes such as tasks and workflows, saving time and unnecessary effort

HealthTech doesn't need to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming

Our low-code solutions can help healthcare organisations improve workflow efficiency and patient experience without committing significant time and resources to the development process.

Healthcare teams can create, iterate and release apps in just a fraction of the time using bespoke methods. They can also visually build apps using pre-packaged drag and drop components like simple text boxes to complex graphs or connectivity to external APIs.

So let our modern technology platform do the hard work, whilst you focus on innovation.

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