Nourish: Supporting Care Services To Go Digital

Flexible digital care management providing bespoke and tailored ICS packages

Who is Nourish?

Nourish Care provides a digital care planning platform to care services in a wide variety of care settings from nursing, elderly care, learning disability and more. Trusted by over 2,500 care services, Nourish works with independent homes supporting less than five people to care groups supporting over 10,000 people. With Nourish, care and support teams can plan, record and coordinate care on our desktop app and on the go via our mobile app which can be securely accessed by managers and staff at any time, anywhere.

Nourish was one of the first digital care plan providers to be accredited by the NHS Transformation Directorate on their Assured Supplier List. Nourish is also accredited by the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) as a Quality Partner and are part of the Care Software Providers Association (CASPA).

Data security is integral to Nourish’s ethos. Nourish is certified with Cyber Essentials Plus, the highest level of certification issued under the government backed Cyber Essentials scheme, and holds an ISO 27001 accreditation which ensures the best standard for ensuring safety to all data in every aspect of Nourish’s work. ISO 27001 helps to continually improve data security to give the best possible outcome for staff, customers and all data subjects.

How can Nourish support ICSs: key benefits

With the government digital deadline aiming for 80 percent of social care services to have digital social care records in place by March 2024, Nourish has curated a specialist package to support ICSs in digitising social care records for services in their remit. Nourish is already supporting over ten ICSs with very successful outcomes.

Point of care integration capabilities: Nourish delivers integration at the point of care delivery, allowing ICSs to coordinate the circle of care for the people supported, including family and wider health and social care teams in the process. Nourish manages the information of the people supported in the context of care delivery as well as in the context of population health, with elements of risk stratification that empowers health and care systems in the management of large cohorts of patients living with a wide range of co-morbidities.

Bespoke Library of care plans and assessments: Alongside Nourish, each ICS will build a bespoke library of care plans and assessments tailored to each ICS by the ICS themselves, to ensure that all services in their remit will be following their best practice. Care is not a one-size-fits-all system, from each service right down to each individual. Nourish can adapt to all the needs of the ICSs, the individuals supported and the services in each ICS.

Oversight and insight: All the information captured within Nourish can be translated into a powerful Business Intelligence Tool tailored for each ICS so there will be a top-level overview of all care services using Nourish in the ICS region. All the important information, decided by ICS decision-makers, will be available in an easy-to-interpret dashboard. The Nourish platform itself also features dashboards and reports for the management team within services to track and monitor trends and changes in the people supported. With the power of data intelligence readily available, ICSs and the care service managers have the capability for early intervention on health and wellbeing changes, reducing hospital admissions and the likelihood of illnesses escalating. When adopting Nourish, we will build an easy-to-access portal, bespoke for each ICS, to allow care services to onboard in a simple and easy way. When care services register directly with Nourish, a notification will be received to ensure access of the overview of the service and that the service uses the appropriate bespoke library.

Interoperability: Interoperability is at the core of Nourish’s product strategy. Integrating with industry leading technology systems that offer outcome-based value, Nourish partners with GP Connect, eMAR solutions, pain management apps, nurse call monitoring, eRedBag and more, all working together to provide a seamless delivery of person-centred care. Such integrations, as well as Nourish’s reporting and monitoring functions, work towards reducing hospital admissions and improving health and wellbeing of the people supported in your ICS. By integrating with quality partners, Nourish becomes a central platform that meets all your needs.

With Nourish, ICSs will have a seamless overview of every service within the ICS remit. Every service will be following the same guidelines and style of working as set by the ICS requirements, with a platform that can be equally flexible to the service’s specific care type and the needs of the people they support.

What can Nourish offer care services?

At Nourish we believe in better care by design. Our focus is on understanding care and empowering those who provide it. Nourish goes beyond being a platform for planning care and recording notes; it’s designed to support you in making a meaningful difference to the lives of those you support. Because everyone deserves the best care possible.

Nourish offers a truly person-centred digital care management platform. With the personalised timelines, you are able to build a daily schedule tailored to the individual needs of the people you support, your organisation and service. Care teams can see and adhere to the person’s own requirements and care needs directly at the point of care because all the information is available, pulled directly from their care plan into their personalised timeline. Recording notes on the go with the Nourish app available on handheld devices enables care notes to be more accurate and allows care and support teams more time to spend on face-to-face person-centred care.

With features such as the seamless handovers, emergency admission pack for easier and safer hospital admissions and alerts and warnings, care teams are able to transform the way they provide care. From a manager’s perspective, bespoke reports can be created on any and all information within Nourish such as hydration or falls. In-platform reports and dashboards allow managers better visibility within their care service. This feature allows trends and changes to be tracked and monitored to ensure the people you support are receiving the best care possible for their needs.

Nourish is already supporting over 10 ICSs with very successful outcomes. To find out more about how your ICS or care service could benefit from adopting Nourish, head to our website and book a free personalised demonstration of our platform at

To speak to a member of our digital transformation team, contact us directly on 023 8000 2288 or on


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