Blogs, Featured, News, Primary Care News launches next generation medical speech recognition ‘Dictate IT Live’ has launched a new medical speech recognition platform ‘Dictate IT Live’ – with a two months no-cost, no-commitment free trial for the primary care health market.

The company has developed a Deep Neural Network based UK medical ASR engine which provides users with unparalleled accuracy from first use, with no voice profile training required.

The engine, a first for a UK health supplier, is available to all registered primary care practitioners on a free trial basis from the 22nd May 2018.

The company said to HTN, that no separate microphone is required, instead using the users’ smartphone as a hi-res portable microphone. The service is available on all platforms including Mac OS.

The service is available to all UK GPs with a free 2 month no-commitment unlimited use trial. Thereafter pay by monthly subscription, with no minimum contract. Key to clinicians the company has further improved accuracy and has made software updates automated and free forever.

The new platform is ready-to-go using a smartphone, data is AES 256 encrypted in transit and at rest, and no data is left on users’ mobile devices. The cloud-based engine is hosted in the UK at Amazon Web Services’ secure London data centre. iOS users can optionally use biometric logon for fast, secure access. said the new software is the first medical ASR technology to have been developed entirely in-house by a British company – and does not use any 3rd party speech engines.

Mark Miller the company’s Managing Director commented: “Almost all NHS clinicians are interested in trying Real Time Speech Recognition. Dictate IT has developed a next generation engine using AI computing which will outperform all other medical speech engines in terms of ease of use and accuracy. In addition to this doctors don’t need microphones, there is no cost to try it out and it works out of the box with no training. There is no precedent for a company releasing a service for free to an entire health system and we intend to break new ground with Dictate IT Live. I hope any GPs reading this will give it a go. We think they will like it if they do.”

The UK based company currently works with thousands of healthcare professionals and healthcare providers including The Royal Free NHS Trust, Barnet & Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust and Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust.

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