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Case Study: Online therapy, meeting the challenges of cost, severity and complexity

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The East London Health & Care Partnership (formerly North East London STP) had the greatest IAPT access rate increase within London as a result of changes in the prevalence rate. Five of their CCGs were ranked in the top six most affected in London. It’s anticipated the growth will be at a rate of 60% over the next four years.

The partnership wanted to address a number of challenges, including how to achieve cost effective growth, against an increase in demand, and how to address greater complexity.

A pilot has started with SilverCloud to demonstrate the use of online therapy programmes to address these challenges.

To date online therapies now account for approximately 10% of the IAPT work across ELHCP with leading areas such as City and Hackney achieving 15%.

Dan Burningham, mental health programme director, NHS City and Hackney CCG, said:This is an exciting pilot which has demonstrated the applicability of programmes previously only applied to people with mild to moderate mental health problems, to people with more severe and complex mental health issues.”

“It is also an important part of our overall approach for this patient group, which focuses on empowering people to manage their own wellbeing supported by online resources, which connect to professional oversight.”

Use cases include:

  • Home Treatment Team – The home treatment team provide patients with access to unsupported, self-help programmes, such as sleep and stress. Patients receive approximately 3 weeks of intensive care and progress through the programmes is discussed as part of their usual follow-up.
  • Early Intervention in Psychosis – Use SilverCloud online therapy with people at risk of developing psychosis or those experiencing a first episode. Programmes help with the identification and self management of symptoms.
  • Recovery Team – The recovery team use SilverCloud programmes as self-help for relapse prevention for people with serious and long-term mental illness. Programmes help to identify early warning signs, and create a plan for dealing with difficult situations.
  • Enhanced Primary Care – Preventing people from needing in-patient support. As part of their treatment patients use SilverCloud programmes as self-help over 12-months with monthly check-ins.

Read the case study here.