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Nottingham University Hospitals opens soft market test for Ophthalmology EPR

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has initiated a ‘soft market test exercise’ to identify potential suppliers for a dedicated electronic patient record and imaging solution for Ophthalmology.

The trust is inviting suppliers to an informal engagement event, consisting of a presentation and demonstration on Friday 1st October 2021. It’s hoped the event will provide an informal way for the trust to engage with potential relevant suppliers, and form an understanding of the current innovation and functionality in the market. Suppliers are asked to register for the event and provide in under 500 words how they can meet the scope.

The requirements include the ability to offer a digital record of patient information in real time, support the flow of information between sub speciality areas, and for the service to have the ability to configure its activities and reporting to the specific needs of the ophthalmic sub specialities. Further requirements include the need of ‘drawing functionality’ to create diagrammatic representations of the eye appearance and the ability to store specific images.

To meet the scope, solutions must be interoperable with ophthalmic devices and software, such as IOL Biometry, Visual Fields, Fundus Camera, and OCT, and be inline with the diabetic eye screening software OptoMize and the roll-out of e-RS. Specific interoperability requirements also note the need to integrate with primary care systems, the trust’s core systems and patient administration system.

To find out more please view the notice here.

In May 2021, the trust announced its ambition to achieve HIMSS level 7, by introducing a range of modules from tech supplier Nervecentre. The modules include electronic prescribing and medicines administration, structured clinical documentation, discharge summaries, care plans, fluid balance, clinical photography and FHIR-based interoperability.

HTN also recently spoke with Tracy Taylor, chief executive at the trust, to discuss how elements of her leadership have changed over the past year, population behaviour and how this has come to the fore during the pandemic, and digital solutions making an impact.

In other related news, NHSX in March, published a ‘digital playbook’ for eye care specialists, which directs clinicians and organisations to digital tools that can support patient pathways.