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UK and Australian consultancy to complete health information management governance strategy for Saudi Arabia

Beamtree, a UK and Australia-based service provider, led by Tim Kelsey former director at NHS England, has been awarded a contract to complete the health information management governance strategy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in conjunction with its partner Lean.

The strategy, which will be developed over the next year with the Saudi Center for National Health Insurance’s Casemix Center of Excellence, will form a key feature of the KSA’s national Vision 2030 programme, establishing “unifying health information management structures, practices, workforce and operating models based on international best-practice at all levels of the KSA health ecosystem”.

Beamtree expects to help the KSA enhance the delivery of healthcare through offering improved data quality, upskilling of the workforce, reporting and benchmarking of health information and health data. This announcement follows the work of Beamtree in KSA last year performing an audit of clinical coding across Ministry of Health hospitals.

Tim Kelsey, CEO of Beamtree, commented: “Beamtree is proud to partner with Lean to support the Center for National Insurance Insurance and its Casemix Center in their vision to promote transparency of information and enable the advancement of quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Information standardisation, quality and timeliness are critical to the effective use of data for insights and actions and we are delighted to work with Lean and the Casemix Center on this important reform programme.”

The partnership with Lean, a KSA-based health technology enterprise company, aims to help Beamtree to digitise the Saudi health ecosystem, offering a series of “sustainable operational products and stimulating partnerships between the public and private sectors.”

It is hoped that this work will improve understanding of the healthcare needs of the population of KSA, drawing together capabilities from Beamtree and Lean in facilitating real-time data analytics and decision support.