The Male Fertility Clinic partners with OX.DH to centralise patient management and streamline bookings

The Male Fertility Clinic has announced that it has partnered with OX.DH, a health tech start-up with links to the University of Oxford, with the aim of using their assisted reproduction solution to streamline the clinic’s appointment booking and test result processes.

The end-to-end clinical solution was developed by OX.DH to support the workflow through assisted reproduction; however, the company adds that the solution offers features at a tailored level depending on organisational needs, by making use of the “modular microservices architecture of the solution and the Microsoft platform”.

The collaboration has seen previously manual processes around activities such as electronic pre-health questionnaires and reports become automated, in addition to centralising The Male Fertility Clinic’s patient management, appointment booking and test result functionalities with single sign-on to support staff access to patient notes, clinical results and correspondence.

OX.DH’s CEO and founder John Kosobucki comments that the partnership with the clinic “has really demonstrated the flexibility of our solutions and affirmed our commitment to a microservices architecture. Each of our solutions has different modules that complement each other, allowing us to work with our customers on a solution that suits them now and in the future, to provide services to their patients that are deeply personal and often life changing; and that is exactly what the clinic has done.”

He added that the software is providing support to the clinic in terms of security, by helping to ensure GDPR adherence and “minimise security risks as there is no longer a need to transfer data between systems”.

Olivia Musa, founder of The Male Fertility Clinic and andrologist, said: “On a human level, the solution makes life easier for our staff and our patients. Staff don’t have to spend their time swapping between systems and sending out forms, and patients will have a log of correspondence from the clinic in their emails, from one centralised place. If they need to access anything in the future, it will all be there.”

We previously covered the news that Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust implemented OX.DH’s assisted reproduction solution and healthcare platform, with the aim of supporting “patient-centric individualised care”.

In March, we shared how OX.DH’s assisted reproduction solution is also being used by Monash IVF, a fertility service provider based in Australia and South East Asia.

March also saw us chat with Richard Billam, deputy director of ICT at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, on how his trust leveraged technology from OX.DH to support them in the roll-out of virtual consultations.

In the summer, we interviewed John Kosobucki, in which John highlighted the organisation’s “passion for improving healthcare-related IT infrastructure and outcomes, by using design, resilience and service provision ethos that have already been refined to high standards in other industries.”