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Wellcome announces £22.7 million in funding for projects developing digital tools for climate-sensitive infectious diseases

24 research teams across 12 countries are to receive a share of £22.7 million to develop new digital tools in response to climate-sensitive infectious diseases, following a funding call last year from global charitable foundation Wellcome. The Digital Technology Development Awards focused on the development of open-source technology and aimed to […]

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Mixed reality company launches holographic scenarios for common respiratory conditions

Tech supplier GigXR, through a partnership with the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS FT, has launched its first augmented reality module, providing holographic scenarios for common respiratory conditions and emergencies. The mixed reality application called HoloScenarios, includes asthma, anaphylaxis, pulmonary embolism and pneumonia training scenarios, that have been […]


Google tackles tuberculosis screening with AI tool

A research paper has been published this week focusing on the use of AI and machine learning to support early detection of pulmonary tuberculosis via chest radiography, following an international study across 10 countries. The deep learning system (DLS) was trained to detect active pulmonary tuberculosis (TB), with the study […]