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Interview: “The multidisciplinary team approach has always been valued in healthcare, but I think it’s never been more important”, Sonam Vadera, speciality registrar in clinical radiology and fellow in clinical AI

For a recent HTN interview, we caught up with Dr Sonam Vadera, specialty registrar in clinical radiology at University Hospitals of Leicester and fellow in clinical artificial intelligence at the AI Centre for Value Based Healthcare in London. Sonam shared with us some insights and details around her current research, […]


Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Digital Vision 2024 sets out initiatives including new shared care record

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent ICB’s ‘Digital Vision 2024’ sets out the organisation’s digital roadmap and digital initiatives, including the introduction of One Care Connected, a new shared care record aiming to link NHS and local government organisations. Alongside this, the ICB shares priorities including the development of a set of digital […]


SBRI Healthcare awards £3.2m to 22 innovations designed to “improve care and accelerate a greener NHS”

SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative) Healthcare, in collaboration with the Greener NHS programme and the Health Innovation Network, has awarded £3.2 million to 22 innovations designed to help “improve care and accelerate a greener NHS”, with recipients including an AI-based predictive tool for pressure ulcers; a neurorehabilitation app designed to […]

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Interview: “The impact starts with small transformations” Inderpal Kohli, VP and CIO at Englewood Hospital, New Jersey

Over on our sister site HTN International, we shared our interview with Inderpal Kohli, vice president and chief information officer at Englewood Hospital, New Jersey, to hear his insights on digital transformation, projects, priorities and challenges in the digital health space. Inderpal introduced himself by explaining how his career has been […]

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“We are seeing general practice telephone queue times halving within six months” Max Gattlin and Sharon Hanley of Hanley Consulting

We recently sat down with Max Gattlin and Sharon Hanley of Hanley Consulting, for a chat about their ‘Automated Assistant for General Practice’ EDATT (Enabling Digital Access Through Telephony), their drive to optimise access and experience for patients, and their overall mission to help reduce pressure on primary care and […]


NHSE priorities and operational guidance for 2024/25 emphasises need for “strong digital foundations”

NHS England has released priorities and operational planning guidance for 2024/25, with “strong digital foundations” highlighted as “essential for transformation, supporting access, quality and productivity”. Regarding the technology investment announced in the spring budget, NHSE states that “robust plans” will be developed in collaboration with systems, and adds that measurement […]