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NHSX confirms successful primary care tech suppliers across 5 lots

NHSX has confirmed the successful suppliers available through the emergency Dynamic Purchasing System to support providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Only some suppliers were successful for the rapid procurement process, which includes systems for triage and online video consultations.

The successful suppliers can now be called off immediately by commissioners to support GP practices.

A tender process was completed and the below suppliers have been allocated across five lots.

In the first lot there were no successful suppliers. It focused on free text, for the patient to complete an online form where the questions have free text answers. They would describe their symptoms and submit to the practice for manual triage, which is based around the free text description of symptoms or query by the patient.

Lot 2 eConsult and Engage Consult were successful to provide an online form with set questions. The patient may be signposted to self-care or the patient submits to the practice for manual triage.

Lot 3 two suppliers, Silicon Practice and Visiba UK to provide a patient questionnaire based on customisable free text and closed question templates.

Lot 4, Doctorlink, EMIS and Ask NHS were successful to provide automated triage, which will provide the patient with a course of action based on a verified clinically based decision pathway or algorithm.

Lot 5 for video consultations that allows a clinician-to-patient consultation to take place, the following providers were successful:



Digital Medical Supply UK Ltd


Doctorlink Ltd


eConsult Health Ltd


Egton Medical Information Systems Ltd

EMIS Online Triage

Engage Health Systems Ltd

Engage Consult

iPLATO Healthcare Ltd

Remote Consultation

MyMed Ltd

Q Doctor

One Medical Group Ltd


Sensely UK ltd


Silicon Practice Ltd


Visiba UK Ltd

Visiba Care