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Peterson Center on Healthcare launches $50 million institute to evaluate digital health technologies

The Peterson Center on Healthcare, a non-profit organisation to transform U.S. healthcare, has launched a $50 million institute to evaluate digital health technologies. Peterson Health Technology Institute (PHTI) aims to provide independent evaluations of innovative healthcare technologies to improve health and lower costs, as well to deliver evidence-based assessments that […]

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Study highlights value of health literacy interventions

A research study published in Sage Digital Health journal aimed to deliver an intervention to improve health awareness for infection prevention, hygiene, and sanitation to assess its impact, and identify the risk of multimorbidity in women of reproductive years from low socio-economic background. The digital health intervention in Pakistan demonstrated the value […]

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Australian government publishes National Healthcare Interoperability Plan 2023-2028

The Australian Government has published their national interoperability plan for 2023 – 2028, highlighting five priority areas with actions including researching UK practice around national minimum standards for health technologies, and developing a national digital health standards catalogue. The plan begins by noting the “fundamental building blocks” required to establish […]