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BenevolentAI announces restructure and strategic focus

BenevolentAI, a clinical-stage AI-enabled drug discovery and development company, has published its strategic plan for a “new era in AI”. The company has outlined its focus to prioritise high-potential products to value inflection points, develop new products to capitalise on the “vast potential of AI”, and progress a proposed headcount reductions […]

Global News

AWS announces 23 startups joining workforce accelerator programme

Amazon Web Services has announced 23 health tech start-ups to join is latest accelerator programme specifically focusing on workforce solutions. The technical, business, and mentorship programme aims to support suppliers in advancing their solutions and accelerating growth using the cloud. This latest programme covers solutions for workforce retention, workforce deployment […]

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Peppy Health raises £37 million for US expansion

Peppy Health, a platform that provides workplace health support, has secured £37 million in a Series B funding round led by Albion Capital, to support US expansion. The company’s platform is said to “support your employees through underserved areas of health that fall through the gaps all too often – […]