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Highland Marketing: Foot on the accelerator

In her latest blog on how marketing and PR can support the sales funnel, Becky Mellor talks to Highland Marketing chief executive Mark Venables about the role of sales acceleration. What is it, how does it work, why do you still need content, and where does it fit in the mix? Becky: Over […]


Opinion Piece: Ruairidh Barlow, MyTherapy

With the rapid advance of smartphone technology, and their seemingly universal use, all around the world people are working out how to best take advantage of it. Never before have we had the chance to access so many people so easily. Which, in a sector like healthcare, and even more so with public […]


Highland Marketing: strategies for content marketing  

In the latest blog from Highland Marketing on how marketing and PR can support the sales funnel, senior account manager Becky Mellor argues that lead nurturing – also known as automated marketing or drip marketing – is a vital skill for healthcare technology companies facing long lead times.  I have […]

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CCube Solutions launches ePaper

CCube Solutions have launched ePaper a solution to take paper to digital without scanning. ePaper uses Warcom’s Clipboard technology to allow users to use existing paper forms to complete and sign documents using an ink pen (included with the clipboard). It then converts the documents to a digital version in […]


Highland Marketing: raising awareness

How do you raise awareness of your health tech company, its products, and benefits? It’s a key question, says Becky Mellor in the second of Highland Marketing’s series on how PR, marketing and communications can help with sales funnel challenges. There has been a lot of excitement in marketing circles […]