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Highland Marketing: Interview on GDPR

The managing director of Kaleidoscope Consulting talks to Lyn Whitfield from Highland Marketing about the General Data Protection Regulation, and the challenge the NHS faces in implementing it. On his Twitter profile, David Stone says he “spends an unhealthy amount of time thinking of ways to try and improve the […]


AI and VR – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough experts share vision of healthcare in podcasts

The podcasts are available to download from SoundCloud and the iTunes Store (search for ‘CPFT’) Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and personalised medicine could help in the diagnosis and treatment of dementia and schizophrenia and other diseases in the future, according to the unique insights of clinicians at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) […]

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Orlando Agrippa, CEO, Draper and Dash: Embracing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Healthcare

Emerging trends like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) look set to provide early adopters and forward-thinking firms deep insights and advanced analytics that could radically transform and revolutionise healthcare into a new digital age. Integrating such technologies with existing systems may seem challenging to those responsible, but the […]


Hancock Health, Indiana hit with cyber-attack and pays ransom

Indiana-based Hancock Health was hit with a cyber attack on Thursday last week, which prompted the organisation to shut down its entire network. The full-service healthcare provider posted notices at their entrances of a system-wide outage and employees turned off all computers on the network. There were no appointments or […]


How can the NHS afford to digitise?

Tackling the real questions from NHS finance leads, IMS MAXIMS Leesa Ewing provides a commercial director’s honest reflections on recurring hurdles Ongoing news of an NHS ‘cash flow crisis’ has continued to appear in the media in recent weeks, despite new funding pledges from the government in November’s budget. Arguably […]

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Highland Marketing: Predictions for 2018

What is the coming year likely to hold for NHS and IT? And what will that mean for marketers, companies and trusts working with healthcare technology? Highland Marketing looks ahead. Lyn Whitfield, strategy and content director, on NHS finance and policy in 2018 The NHS received a five-year financial settlement […]